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It is the policy of East Midlands Contracting (EMC) to carry out its activities and operations, at all times, in such a manner as to ensure as far as reasonably practical the Health, Safety and Welfare of its employees and anyone else who may be affected by those activities and operations. The company recognises its duties, so far as reasonably practical, to ensure Plant, equipment and systems of work are safe without risk to Health and Safety; the safety and absence of risk to Health with the handling, use, storage and transport of materials and substances, adequate information, instruction, training and supervision in Health and Safety matters is provided. Together with the provision and maintenance of a safe and healthy place of work and work environment, with safe access and egress to all work areas and adequate welfare arrangements.

Company Management has the duty to ensure that everything reasonably practical is done to prevent personal injury, and to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Specifically; assess all work activities of employees with regard to possible risks to their Health and Safety. Keep informed of technological developments relevant to Company activities in order to improve Health and Safety and keep appraised of changes in Legislation and Approved Codes of Practice in order to be and remain compliant with Law and co-operate fully with the relevant and appropriate enforcing; to secure the co-operation and involvement of Company employees in achieving Safe working.

Employees are reminded of the requirements to ensure that Company Policy is observed; and to take reasonable care of their own Health and Safety, at work, and anyone else who may be affected by what they do or don't do. To fully co-operate with the employer to ensure that any duty or requirement for Health and Safety placed or imposed on the employer is performed and/or complied with and to report anything they consider may be missing, with regard to Health and Safety, from this policy or from any Safe System of Work are required to follow.

Overall responsibility for Health and Safety rests with the Chief Executive who has direct concern for this policy and accords Health and Safety matters equal priority to other Management functions within the company. The Chief Executive expects the Company Management to also accord the same level to Health and Safety matters, and requires all employees to ensure that this policy is observed. Company Management will monitor this policy's operation and recommend alterations and/or sampling, in addition to investigation of any employee concerns, with regard to Health and Safety.

The responsibilities and arrangements for the implementation of policy will be available at the main office for reference by any employee as required.

The Health and Safety Policy will be reviewed periodically, and advised as, or when necessary should circumstances dictate.