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East Midlands Contracting (EMC) are committed to ensuring that the impact of their business activities on the natural environment, are kept to a minimum, and that all necessary steps are taken to prevent pollution. In addition Company operating procedures and systems shall be developed to be economically viable, environmentally sound, and socially responsible, these aims are considered to be fundamental to the continued growth and improvement of the company.

Key materials used throughout the business shall be monitored, and strategies developed in order to ensure the efficient and effective use of these finite resources. Waste materials shall be minimised, and where it is deemed practicable, suitable strategies will be developed. All waste materials will be disposed of in a responsible manner, and only approved and competant waste disposal companies shall be employed.

The company will as a minimum requirement, comply with all current and relevant legislation, and co-operate with the enforcing authority as and when required. The company will also develop viable standards and systems in the absence of suitable legislation, in order to achieve and promote its committed aims.

Overall responsibility for Environmental issues rests with the Chief Executive, who accords these matters equal priority to all other functions. Employees at all levels are encouraged at all times to be pro active in their approach to matters affecting the environment. They are encouraged to raise any issues with the management team, if they feel there is a need. This document will be reviewed, revised, and updated on a regular basis as and when required, it is also available for client companies, suppliers, members of the public and other interested parties.